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Australian domain name registration industry

This organisation was founded on 5 March 1986 and is now known as the auDA or better known as the .au domain administrator. Today this is owned and operated by Afilias group.

The auDA is the administrator of all .au domain extensions.
It is important to note that the Australian domain registry is a not for profit organisation.

The registry consists of many Australian domain extensions.
Different extensions are divided up for different purposes listed here.

1. – For commercial use.
2. – For networking.
3. – For education.
4. – For organisation.
5. – For government.
6. – For association.
7. – For individuals.
8. -For commonwealth scientific and industrial research organisations.

Steps to register an .au domain name.

Register an ABN number. You must hold an Australian ABN number before you can register a Australian domain name. This stops international entities from trying to pose as a legitimate Australian business.

There is no cost to register an ABN number and this can be done in less than 15 minutes.

Once you have your ABN number you are now free to start searching for a Australian domain name registrar. A good registrar is “Domain Registration DNS” This is a newer domain registrar who offers plenty of great functionality such free advanced DNS management and fast Anycast DNS servers. There are many different domain registrars in Australia. So it is best to do your research as to which company you fell will be best suited to your needs and price range.

Australian domain names have a minimum registration period of two years.

Australian Business Registration

As your company starts to grow. We recommend that you also consider registering an Australian company number. This is also known as a ACN number. This will assist you in protecting your online intellectual property when combined with a trade mark service.

This step is done by the Australian Securities and investment commission (ASIC). You visit this website and complete your registration. Registration fees and other information are presented on ASIC site. After this, you will receive a confirmation around 2 to 5 business days.  The cost to register a business name in Australia is a little under $100

About the Australian Registry

  • Currently the Australian Registry has over 3,244,357 .au domain registered and hundreds of new .au domain names are being registered every day.
    You also sign up and become a member with the auDA.

    Exclusive members have some extra benefits such as.

    A voice in the future of the .au registry
    New Industry and business networking opportunities.
    Completely free access to LinkedIn learning for one year
    Receive updates on industry research and new trends

    The .au ccTLD is part of Australia’s critical infrastructure, and we have been endorsed by the Commonwealth Government to ensure it is a safe, accessible and trusted Australian public asset for all internet users. We also represent Australia’s interests internationally and have an agreement with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) – the international body covering ccTLDs.


The of the purpose of the auDA is to manage and maintain a secure, resilient and stable Domain Name System (DNS)  in Australia and they do this by:

  • Developing and implementing domain name policy.
  • Licensing 2LD registry operators and accrediting and licensing registrars;
  • Implementing consumer safeguards and facilitating dispute resolution;
  • Representing Australia’s domain name interests internationally;
  • Technical management of the .au zone file; and

Ongoing innovation and improvement

Who can become a member of the auDA?

Anyone who qualifies for an Australian domain name can become a member of the Australian Registry.