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Divorce is a difficult topic for most and a difficult time for those going through it. Of the top most stressful moment in life, divorce is listed number 2 (behind death of a spouse). Those stresses are compounded by other factors when the divorce process is drawn out. That why Marie Fedorov, of Fedorv Family Lawyers, started Family Mediation Station. She saw the damage wrought by protracted legal battles and decided to do something about it. Borrowing from the divorce in a day model she created a place where divorce settlements could be mediated in one day.

Marie Fedorov of Fedorov Family Lawyers and Family Mediation Station
Marie Fedorov of Fedorov Family Lawyers and Family Mediation Station

How Family Mediation Station Operates

There’s a lot of effort required to make things effortless. That’s true of most things and applies here to some degree. The idea of FMS’ family mediation day is to get enough preparation done beforehand to make it possible to mediate and agreement in one day. The couple is given a mentor who helps them prepare for the day. An information pack is filled in by the couple also. That way the day of mediation can proceed as required. The mediation process is outlined at Family Mediation Station.

A mediator works with the couple on the day of mediation. They work together to reach an agreement that both couples can work with. It’s important to note that because mediation comes without the costs involved with a drawn-out lawyer process there is more room for compromise. The pool of assets isn’t being diminished by legal fees so its not as important for each member of the couple to maximise their share. Also, the process of mediation encourages agreement. It’s the point of mediation. Whereas an process driven by law is by nature adversarial.

Once An Agreement Is Mediated

Once the couple has reached a mediated agreement, paperwork is drawn up by a lawyer. The documents are drawn up and lodged so they now become official. This all happens in one day.

Family Mediation Station is a wonderful resource for Australian’s who are struggling in their relationship. Gold Coast relationship counselling LB Psychologists is a good place to start for couples who want help with their relationship. Once the point is reached where divorce is necessary, parting in an amicable and cost-effective way is important. While I personally have no experience with divorce (and sincerely hope I never will) I would recommend anyone needing divorce settlement help to check out Family Mediation Station.