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Focal Point Landscape Maintenance

Focal Point Landscape Maintenance do what it sounds like they should do. They do all your regular garden maintenance, such as lawn care and hedge trimming. And they also do landscaping and installation of sprinkler systems.

They came to us wanting some help with their website. A friend had done a very commendable job on it but it needed some tidying up. They also wanted to move up the rankings. 

focal point landscape maintenance

First We Tidied The Landscape Content

There was a lot of confusing navigation and duplicate content on the website. It wasn’t duplicate in the way SEOs use it (ie exactly the same content can negatively impact search rankings). It was duplicate in that it was saying pretty much the same thing but on a different page. There was two of almost everything. 

The good news was the content itself was all good stuff. We were able to pick a winner for each page and then turn the other page into a post that linked back to it. In this way we created a structure for the site that made sense. 

Then We Optimized

Due to the depth and range of content a long process was required to optimize it all. When we optimize we want to optimize for search engines and for visitors. We want great images and information. And we want it all coded to appeal to search engines. 

We continue to do on-page and off-page SEO for FPLM and are seeing great results.  Terms like “garden cleanup” have moved from 40th to 5th in Google results. 

focal point landscape maintenance

Check Out FPLM

We’re working closely with Focal Point Landscape Maintenance and get a very good impression of their work. While I haven’t used their services I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. They do free quotes and Edmund is very knowledgeable. If you need some landscape services give them a go.