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5 Things You Should Know About Toner Cartridges

Toner for printers is a fine powder that is made of polymer plastic and colouring agents. Toner powder is charged electrostatically in the printer, and then bonded to the paper when it is pushed across the drum of metal inside the printer.

What Is Toner Made Up Of?

Toner powder in a toner cartridge is composed of the following ingredients: resin that is synthetic, some pigments to impart colour, and metal oxides that are magnetisable, and a small amount of silicone and wax.

The exact ratio of mixing varies from one manufacturer to the next. The size of the toner powder ranges between 5 to 30 micrometres.

Which Toners Are The Most Effective?

There are a myriad of toner cartridges available in the market these days. If you’re curious about which one is suitable for your specific device, simply put the model number of your printer on google and you will get the specifications. The appropriate toner will be presented to you. Genuine toners made by device manufacturers are the most effective. This is due to their handling as well as the excellent print properties which show in the perfect colour mix with the dependable adhesion to the printing medium.

The most cost-effective toners are available in the rebuild, refill or brand-new segment. Toner refills are replenished. Rebuilt toners are overhauled. Newly built toners cartridges are produced by third-party producers. According to their manufacturer, cartridges come with various characteristics based on the manufacturer. The quality of the cartridges may differ slightly or even a great deal from the quality of the original cartridges.

Number Of Pages A Toner Cartridge Provides?

Based on the manufacturer and kind of the cartridge, toner cartridges can be found in various types of categories. The spectrum is primarily focused on an average five percent coverage per page. Even if the toner is empty, it is possible to be printed, as a rule. As long as it’s compatible on your device. If you print 1,800 to  2,000 pages it’s pretty excellent. This makes it five percent coverage.

The toner should be replaced when it becomes empty. Laser printers indicate the moment when a new cartridge is required. Laser printers as well as multi-function devices will display the level of filing for individual cartridges inside the driver. Certain devices display the fill level along with other parameters related to the device. If the printout becomes weaker in one area of the page, this indicates that the toner has run out.

How Can Toner Be Disposed Of Properly?

Toner cartridges should not be thrown in the household garbage. The best option is to take them back to recycling centres, and eliminate them from collection boxes (for instance in electronic stores) or through collection boxes. Many printing cartridges include components that can be used to have for the second or third cartridge. There are many websites on the Internet that will take away empty cartridges , and will even pay some cash for empty cartridges according to the type of cartridge. This is an ideal win-win scenario.

Toner Cartridge and Health

In the context of offices and commercial properties there has never been an argument more heated about whether or not dust from toners is hazardous. Toner dust in large quantities could be harmful for one’s health. Toners that work properly can be safe for your health.

To be on the safer side it is recommended to arrange laser printers in such a way that they are not set up close to anyone, as it could blast particles at someone’s face.

Recent research has revealed that printers release add-ons that are contained in the toner when fixing is taking place within the fixing unit.

Based on the type of printer it is recommended to use disposable gloves while changing the toner. If you are purchasing the laser printer, be sure that you are aware of the pollution emissions from the printer you select. Old models of laser printers released ozone depleting agents, but that is not an issue now with the improved technology.



A general rule, combination packs can help you save money when getting toner cartridges. Packs that come in combinations, consisting of two or more cartridges are offered for monochrome as well as colour laser printers.