Otoko Wet Shave

Some time ago I was associated with a friend's website, Otoko. It's loosely a Pow Designs website but we didn't actually do it. I used to work with a guy…

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The Many Joys Of SEO

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While I understand that my clients primarily want to see their websites rank higher and more people coming to their website, there are for me many other joys involved with…

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Amazon Pricing Secrets

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Pricing is always the same. When setting prices, you have to use a combination of gut instinct and rules. Just like photography, it is important to get comfortable with the…

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Gold Coast Pest Inspections

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Gold Coast Pest Inspections With low interest rates and property prices on the Gold Coast dropping, or at the very least more affordable than other cities, now is probably a…

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Black Label Transfers

Our client Black Label Transfers is a premier private transfer company. They transfer clients from Brisbane airport to Gold Coast and vise versa.¬† Gold Coast to Brisbane Airport Transfers Black…

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Family Mediation Station
Family Mediation Station logo

Family Mediation Station

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Divorce is a difficult topic for most and a difficult time for those going through it. Of the top most stressful moment in life, divorce is listed number 2 (behind…

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Security Cameras Brisbane

At Pogo Web Designs we already have a security company dominating local (Gold Coast) search engine results. CCTV and alarm security company TES Gold Coast are top ten for a…

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Delivering Small Carpentry Jobs

The small carpentry job challenge Sometimes a client comes along to challenge you. This is just what local Gold Coast handyman business¬†did. And the team at Pogo and Powdesigns rose…

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