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Clubhouse International: Supporting Mental Health Recovery

Clubhouse International is an organization dedicated to supporting Clubhouses worldwide, which are community centers for people living with mental illness. These Clubhouses provide a restorative environment and offer various activities and opportunities for their members. The Gold Coast Clubhouse is a local implementation of their model. 

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Work of Clubhouse International

Clubhouse International offers substantial benefits and resources to member Clubhouses, including:

  • Worldwide exposure through its website, social media channels, and International Clubhouse Directory.
  • Access to a database of over 1,000 articles and presentations about the Clubhouse model 1.
  • Ongoing communications through Clubhouse International Annual Report and monthly newsletter.
  • Active participation in the continual, consensus-driven process of evolving and updating International Standards for Clubhouse Programs 1.
  • Access to the Clubhouse International Accreditation process which ensures quality and provides ongoing technical support and consultations 1.
  • Interactive support for specific questions and issues via their website and email exchanges with Clubhouse International staff/volunteers and Accredited Clubhouses 1.
  • $100 discount per attendee at the biennial Clubhouse International World Seminar 1.

Benefits of Engaging with Clubhouse International

  • Increased corporate visibility: Recognition at national and international events and social media exposure via annual Partner Appreciation Profiles.
  • Building recognition as a business that supports mental health recovery via the Clubhouse Model of psycho-social rehabilitation.
  • Opportunity to help create gainful employment opportunities for people living with mental illness.
  • A program to encourage and unite company staff around social causes 3.

Clubhouse International also collaborates with companies through various engagement opportunities, such as financial and in-kind support, cause-related marketing initiatives, and employment partnerships 3.

In addition, Clubhouse International provides access to the Transforming Lives: Clubhouse Impact Report, which summarizes compelling research on the Clubhouse Model and offers customizable resources for promoting Clubhouse services and programs 2.

For those interested in starting a new Clubhouse or re-activating a former Clubhouse Membership, they can access relevant information and resources through Clubhouse International’s website 1.

Gold Coast Clubhouse logo

Gold Coast Clubhouse Website

We were overjoyed to be asked to provide a website for Gold Coast Clubhouse. Their goals are ones we can really get behind and the logo provide a lovely palette of colours to work from. Due to various limitations, we were given only a couple of days to get the website working. We’ve worked with Sunnyside Australia (the Clubhouse’s parent) for a while, so we knew exactly what we wanted to present to them. And they loved it!