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CCTV Camera Systems

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CCTV Camera Systems client

Bob Pearce is a client we have been working with for a while. Like many of our clients, we started working with them for their IT needs – that is fixing broken computers. But as their business, and ours grew we took on their website and now their SEO requirements.

Bob installs security systems. CCTV camerasCCTV camera system brisbanr, alarm systems, wireless back to base systems, self-monitored security alarm systems and much more. He installs and maintains CCTV camera systems from Tweed to Brisbane. He provides free quotes and offers a good price. However, he wanted more of his jobs to come to him – via the website, rather than himself knocking on peoples doors and this is where Pow Design came in.

In my opinion, his website is chaotic but it has all the information that people want. And it seems people want CCTV camera systems but they weren’t coming to Bob. So, we have introduced a SEO strategy which includes social media, articles and a general tightening up of his website to ensure his keywords were met.

And while we are paid to do this, the reality is that Bob provides an excellent product. We have used his products for other clients including local Gold Coast Handyman, JJ industries and South East Electrical recommend his products. His CCTV cameras provide high-quality footage which makes for identifying people a breeze.

Why do businesses use CCTV camera systems?

People use CCTV camera systems allow for a number of reasons. Largely a s CCTV camera system is to ensure safety in the home or workplace. The CCTV camera systems use allow for monitoring for safety, to enable early detection of possible hazards, multiple areas can be monitored simultaneously saving on labour costs and CCTV camera systems monitor and record around the clock. There really is no need for poor quality grainy footage in this day and age when new CCTV camera systems provide such good quality footage.

Monitored CCTV and Alarms

Local security company offering monitored alarm and CCTV systems, M-4s,  has what must be the most professional monitoring outfit on the Gold Coast. Their security monitoring centre is manned 24/7 and is backed by numerous redundancies. They’ve got 3 types of internet, 2 servers, spares and spare spares for each of those servers…the list goes on. Their commitment to being the best security and monitored security company on the Gold Coast is very evident. We’re proud to be working with M-4S in developing their web presence.