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The Many Joys Of SEO

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While I understand that my clients primarily want to see their websites rank higher and more people coming to their website, there are for me many other joys involved with doing SEO.

I’ll run my rank tracking tools everyday and there is a sense of excitement in seeing what goes up and what goes down. It’s not always all upward traffic. The main thing is that the general trends are upwards. And that growth continues at a healthy clip.

But there are other things we look out for also.

Show Me The Stars

Such as seeing reviews showing up next to our search results. These are the little yellow stars you see on some search results. We know that getting those stars to appear on your results will improve your click-through rates. Two results that are identical in terms of their search engine rankings will get different traffic depending on which one has those little yellow review stars next to them.

reviews snippet on Galea Handyman
reviews snippet on Galea Handyman

I'd Like A Snippet Too Please

Something else we look for is the featured snippet. The featured snippet is something you see on some search results. When Google thinks that a particular page answers a search query in a very specific way then they will rewarded by putting it it in a little box at the top of the other searches. Featured snippets are especially valuable because they will often appear before all the ads and maps that you get before you get to the real search-results. A featured snippet catapult you to the top of the search engine rankings in a way that few are the results will.
featured snippet for Caravan Sales
featured snippet for Caravan Sales

Many Ways To Rank

There are also many ways to rank. You can rank locally or nationally or internationally. You can rank differently on mobile devices. And you can rank differently in Google Maps.

There is also Yahoo and Bing to think about. (Well…not really.)

It's About Strategy

So part of the joy of doing SEO work is balancing all the factors that will affect your website and concentrating on those elements that will be most effective. And then within that we need a strategy to maximise our results. Do we update content? Or add new content? Do we create a pyramid of content? Or will we had some backlinking this time? Where do we get the most valuable back leagues? Speed up the website? Add Google AMP and/or PWA? Get better hosting? All these things are considered within a strategy that is determined by those factors I first mentioned.

The strategic elements of this planning are part of the joys of SEO full stop knowing that there are so many elements to bring together and then so many ways to deliver those elements and then finding the best plan to bring that forward is always an exciting thing for me.