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Here at at Pow Designs we have recently taken over the website of Gold Coast Computer Repairs. This website has belong to our friends at Gold Coast Login it was set up for us years ago and fell out of maintenance. It seems like a good website for us to develop, one that we could use for ourselves and for our clients. So we have given it a makeover

As part of this we convert it to WordPress. Of course. WordPress is a wonderful platform to develop a blog. It is very simple and easy for us to add content and grow the website. This is something that we’re looking to do immediately. We are adding articles to it every day at the moment.

The website is still far from complete. There are still some elements in it that need finishing. You will probably see these when you look at the website. There are things that obviously generic  and probably the odd broken link. But it is starting to look good and will develop further as we go along. 

We may not put this website in our portfolio but wanted to mention here because it is a good example of the kind of work we can do very quickly. This was done part-time in between other jobs in about 2 days. And it looks quite decent. If you want a website that works and one that can grow with you then this kind of thing is a really good platform on which you can build on.

Have a look at what we’ve done and if you like it please contact us we can do the same for you.

Many thanks.