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Why Is It Important In Australia To Hire An Architectural Firm

It is believed that architects or Building designers create between two and ten percent of the new homes built every year. To boost the demand for Architectural services in the market for residential homes, it’s crucial to inform people with information telling them about the advantages of working with an architect.


A few of the most well-known “reasons to hire an architect” are frequently re-aired in the media and online. However, do they really work? Are they changing public views about architects? Are certain architects more efficient than others?


In the first study, a survey was conducted of 773 individuals aged 25-65 who reside in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. It was interesting in finding out the extent to which these commonly-received “benefits” of hiring an Architect affected their decision to contemplate hiring an Architect to design their house.

The Main Reasons To Employ An Architect

By categorising and identifying the most popular reasons for using an Architect. The arguments from different websites of architects as well as real estate publications and professional associations were collected. 

The arguments in favour of hiring an Architect are categorised into four areas:

  • A: Architects are highly educated, trained, certified, and skilled.
  • B: Architects possess skills and know-how that could help you save money on construction and help make your house more efficient.
  • C: Architecture can design a home that is tailored to your individual requirements and needs, thereby improving the quality of your life.
  • D: Architects offer extensive service that will make the process simpler.

There are of course numerous other advantages to having an Architect including aesthetics and healthy design, sustainable design as well as social benefits, and many more. 

However, within the confines of this study, these four benefits are in isolation since they seem to be the most frequently mentioned in multiple sources.

In each case, it was found, modified, or made a brief statement that emphasised the benefit that is chosen to highlight.

The Architects Are Highly Educated, Trained, Certified, And Skilled

“With years of training in university, required practical experience, and going through a registration exam, architects are qualified to handle your entire design project for you, and make sure that it’s a success.”

Architectural Professionals Possess The Skills And Experience To Make Construction More Affordable And Help Make Your House Much More Energy Efficient.

“An Architect designed home has smaller wasted space and can be more efficient and practical as well as less construction cost at times, and usually less long-term maintenance expenses. Homes designed by architects typically have a higher selling price and also.”

Architectural Firms Are Able To Create A House That Is Suited To Your Specific Needs And Preferences

An architect will try to customize the design to the specific needs of your property by considering the climate of the area where you live, and lastly your budget. They establish relationships with you so that they get to know you, your lifestyle, how you live now and where you’d prefer to live. This allows them to create an environment that is specifically suitable for you and your family and improves the quality of your living.”

Architects Provide An Extensive Service That Can Aid In The Process Of Making It Easier

“The whole procedure of planning and constructing a new house can be a little difficult, time-consuming, and messy. A professional architect will use their expertise to assist you in the entire process. They work with you from the beginning to design a detailed plan and throughout the construction process, all the way up to the moment you move in, taking particular care to ensure successful completion.”

The Bottom Line

Although the changes found in the findings aren’t significant, however, the message highlighting the professional qualifications, experience, and knowledge of 

Architects were the ones that had the greatest impact on the attitudes of respondents toward hiring an Architect in comparison to the other statements that made the same impact. And due to their knowledge, they are more reliable

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